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Everyone that doubts Canada’s value, or it’s impact on the United States needs to watch this video. Kennedy might have been a philanderer, but I’m sure he is one of the best leaders of all time.

This Albertan company has built an empire that stretches into the US and now has spun off a separate Power Development company Capital Power Corp.

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As I was listening to yet another comment on how ‘terrible the Vancouver Olympics are’ and ‘how (they) may go down as the worst ever’.

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This article, written by Andrew Cooper of Safety Forge Consulting is great because if throws sand in the face of everyone saying we need to take risks to get ahead, innovate etc. On the contrary, I pick safe and boring and I prefer to find my excitement at a poker table, where the biggest risk is whether somebody calls my bluff.

Safe=Boring=Home at the end of the day…click here

When I look at this video I just thank God I don’t work in a coal mine.

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