What Would You Rather Have in Your Career?

  1. Steve, what’s your definition of the term “Career?”
    As a Certified Career Development Professional here in Alberta, as well as a longstanding member of the Career Development Association of Alberta, our members recognize the confusion surrounding the definition of such terms in the general public. The CDAA and all its members are on a quest to settle things, once and for all. Key professionals in our membership have actually re-written definitions on a full range of terms and it is now in the hands of members to get the word out to the public…across Alberta.
    Career- The sum total of all your life experiences. Thus, a Career is your Life, it is your Life Experiences that you continue to build and create in your life. The day you were born was the day you started your Career, your Life, your Life Experiences. A Career is not a job, it is not a profession
    but it does include that part of your life…and other parts as well. ( this is an important piece to the definition ). So, today’s youth do not have to get a career ( the old definition ). Why? They have a Career, they have a Life and are building a Life filled with Life Experiences.
    Robert Manolson
    Certified Career Develoment Professional ( CCDP )

  2. Somewhere in the middle is the definition that I use, the sum of all work experience and perhaps education both formal and informal that has prepared you for that work experience.

    It’s very tough for me to say that I would take this context of a poll to include your childhood experiences.

    In short, a career is the path you have pursued in order to create income for yourself and your family. The path is not straight and has many choices, but it is a path clearly defined in this instance to the creation of income.

    Therefore, relative flexibility usually comes at the expense of income until you have created passive income as an entrepreneur. Also, most careers that avail a certain level of company sponsored retirement preparation tie you to an “employee” situation, hence the term ‘golden handcuffs’.

    The fortune answer stemmed from a conversation that a teacher in high school once had with me. He said that if anyone in our class gave him ultimate control over their lives he would make them a millionaire by the time they were 40. To my knowledge no one ever took him up on this opportunity. I suspect it was more of a lesson than an idea he wanted to put into practice. The lesson was that you would have to give up all freedom and a lot of life experience in order to make that money.

    In an ideal world most people would want to be able to have all sorts of freedom, flexibility, autonomy, be rich, and have your retirement future secured at the most comfortable level, as well as have the value of being part of a winning team, and wear board shorts and flip-flops to work.

    What I am asking is, since we are clearly not in Utopia, what would use choose over the others, not to the exclusion of other options. What path do you pursue and how do you choose to pursue it?

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