This Albertan company has built an empire that stretches into the US and now has spun off a separate Power Development company Capital Power Corp.

The 6 Reasons they are a standout are:

  1. They help employees transition to retirement by providing pre-retirement planning workshops and a gradual reduction of work hours prior to retirement
  2. Epcor lets employees schedule up to five personal days off each year — in addition to 3 weeks of holidays to start as a minimum. You can also take this time on a per hour basis. 
  3. They put their money where their mouth is when they say ‘professional development’. They will subsidize 100% of the full cost of tuition for job-related courses at outside institutions.
  4. They provide and manage a community curling club that can be used by employees and retirees
  5. They are an official supplier to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, giving employees priority status for volunteer positions during the Games, but more importantly have given themselves a visible presence to the world.
  6. Spend a great deal of money on the future with significant investments in alternative energy, including power generation from methane and wind power, while not ignoring the fact that oil, gas, and coal are going to pay for the development of that new technology

You might think that I am bias because they are an Edmonton based company, but the fact is they are a leader that has higher than average employee satisfaction and retention levels and serve as a model for other companies, globally.

Epcor will help lead us into the future and should be a company that others seek to follow.

Steven C Davidson

  1. Reason #7 – EPCOR is creating a kick-ass safety team to protect and care for their people and organization!

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