The best thing that I get to do in my job is create winning situations for people and companies. I’m not the only one. When I look around at my world, people do it everyday. My kids are trying to shift my expectations, and I try to shift theirs. In practically every facet of life, these intersections that are all around us are in play. In some cases, there are traffic jams, and in some cases a new autobahn is formed to stream information and ideas.

The universal thing that I have found in business dealings is that the setting of expectations weighs heavily in the level of success upon completion of the project. The Canadian men’s hockey team is playing today and the expectations are high. It will be hard for anyone to accept less than Gold today.

Entering into a successful negotiation means that you have gain a clear understanding of the other party’s expectations. You can then work to align your plans to best fit their desired outcome, but you can also see where you can maximize your own benefit. Some would say that this is greedy, or opportunistic, and it is, but this is the nature of the capitalist free market. There are also worse things than creating a win-win situation.

Use information and communication to create the intersection of expectations and success will follow.

Steven C Davidson – Pursuit Placement Group

  1. Bruce

    Steve…your thoughts are valid in my estimate, but again like your first blog relating to Climate Change/Global warming, I had expressed that living in moderation is the key to our success. The same goes for a social or economic system. Capitalism is fine in essence, but I’m sure you and the other readers will agree that living in excess or greed (whatever you want to call it) destroys the very fabric of any system we create in our world…be it economics, religion and so forth.

    Our economic systems in my opinion in essence are all valid. Finding loop holes and other variables that in essence manipulate the spirit of these systems is what finally destroys the very reason we created them in the first place.

    In many respects “doing it the right way” or “doing the right thing” seems to have been too onerous for people (using the benefit of hindsight pre our great economic recession) and as we have seen, greed has entered the system and living in moderation is just not enough. As you say, trying to invest a little more in others and trying to meet them mid-way is definitely one of several variables in my mind that make for good and health business…

    To support your views even more I go back to Mr. Peter Drucker who spoke very wisely on good business and how enterprise is so intertwined in our societies today…unfortunately society’s trust in businesses today is at an all time low…let’s hope we can repair that trust and take some time to collaborate vs. plunder to achieve our material goals in life.

    Check this site out on Peter Drucker…worth the read…


    • Drucker is indeed the Master and I simply a student. Another pretty accomplished individual is quoted in that article “The world knows he was the greatest management thinker of the last century,” Jack Welch, former chairman of General Electric. Drucker developed a management structure built on Trust which went against the predominant theory of the previous 12,000 years, paranoid micromanagement. This enables people to make decisions based on the idea that people within a community (companies all try to be communities), will act in the best interests of the company. This is not completely unselfish behaviour, of course. What happens in this model is that people are on some level merging their interests with the interests of the company, or community. Gore, a company that is profiled on this blog, follows Drucker’s teachings to the highest level. I’d say they are pretty successful and still manage to make some money from time to time. Proof positive that you can be capitalist, care about others and merge your interests with the greater interests of the community. The fundamental basis for Social Media. Hallelujah Brother! You are of course wiser than I and bring out a very salient example of that wisdom. Thank you.

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